Merry Merry Christmas!


Have a blessed Merry Christmas 2012.


Photo of pretty apples taken by my chums in Japan’s supermarket!


As we are approaching year-end, i thought back on how much effort had i put in to make full use of the past 360 days.

It had been a year full of ups n downs, stressful work, wonderful double HKG trips…… but most importantly is having my loved ones around. 🙂

Life didn’t end on 21 Dec 2013…and there’s much more to live on.

I used to imagine more than live, until I realized I can live the life I imagined. have faith, work on and cherish each moment. 🙂


Use Me Use Me!


It’s been awhile. 🙂

Operation use me up!


Fancl – Mild Cleansing Oil
re-purchased for years. 😉

Marc Anthony – Strictly Curls shampoo
Tad drying for my curls. Paris Hilton who was on their ads tempted me.

Watsons – Exfoliating Body Scrub
Refreshing Cucumber & Multi Fruit extract soothes the edges off without too much rough n tough. Pocket friendly housebrand that comes in easy-to-push tube.


New tries!


L’oreal new Sulfate Free system!

The luscious hair in their ads definitely caught my eye.

soften hair loads, pamper your tresses today.
Because I am..and you’re worth it!