Merry Merry Christmas!


Have a blessed Merry Christmas 2012.


Photo of pretty apples taken by my chums in Japan’s supermarket!


As we are approaching year-end, i thought back on how much effort had i put in to make full use of the past 360 days.

It had been a year full of ups n downs, stressful work, wonderful double HKG trips…… but most importantly is having my loved ones around. 🙂

Life didn’t end on 21 Dec 2013…and there’s much more to live on.

I used to imagine more than live, until I realized I can live the life I imagined. have faith, work on and cherish each moment. 🙂


Walking in a winter wonderland..


It has been a wholesome week with so many Christmas meet-ups!

Dearest dee got me my 2nd blue box from him….



I’ve worn the iconic heart tag for years and the price went up heaps! this will now continue to follow my present and future. 🙂

Use Me Use Me!


It’s been awhile. 🙂

Operation use me up!


Fancl – Mild Cleansing Oil
re-purchased for years. 😉

Marc Anthony – Strictly Curls shampoo
Tad drying for my curls. Paris Hilton who was on their ads tempted me.

Watsons – Exfoliating Body Scrub
Refreshing Cucumber & Multi Fruit extract soothes the edges off without too much rough n tough. Pocket friendly housebrand that comes in easy-to-push tube.


New tries!


L’oreal new Sulfate Free system!

The luscious hair in their ads definitely caught my eye.

soften hair loads, pamper your tresses today.
Because I am..and you’re worth it!